Mose the Hose

the first self-liquidating tool for NFT lending users.

nft lending sucks

look at this guy

1. borrowed 29ETH for 90days

just had to come back and repay, within the timeframe


but nah.

virgin preferred buying the $pepe top, and is now stuck.

because he can’t repay, his Fidenza is going to be given to the lender.


2. lost it all

3. driven by sadness, virgin is screaming for help in the discord but nobody can help nor lend him some money. ‘trust me bro i’ll give it back to you’, nah doesn’t work.

Source: Katri Tikkanen

4. eventually, the loan end up being liquidated. the lender received the nft and sold it during the next hour, turning a 29ETH loan in 69.69ETH

this is a 40ETH projected loss for the borrower


1. virgin is losing his favorite Fidenza

2. virgin received 29ETH for his NFT, while he could have instantly sold it for 45ETH. it is a 16ETH net lose

and he is not the same

approximately $3,953,170.00 are lost this year


introducing Mose the Hose

the first hose smart contract offering the ultimate protection to nft collaterizer

😻 Making nft finance 10x safer 

😻 Making nft liquidation 10x more efficient 

😻 Making nft assets 10x more productive

Source: RevolutionMortgage


By using the best of DeFi

>Permissionless-opensource-immutable- smart contracts

>Using Flashloans

>Oracle Less


In a nutshell

>One click to sell your NFT at the Opensea floor price, rather than getting it liquidated at an insane discount


Cassiopea owns NOUN#69.

She uses Mose the Hose and sees her active loans.

She selects the loan she would like to liquidate and selects if she would like to receive the sell proceed in $ETH or $GHO

Here Mose the Hose’s magic starts.

The smart contract will

1. Create a flash loan on AAVE and borrow the amount to be repaid by the NFT owner

2. Repay the loan on NFTFi

3. Sell the NFT at the highest bid on Opensea

4. Swap the WETH for $ETH or $GHO depending on the user's choice, using Uniswap

5. Repay the AAVE flash loan with the proceeds

6. Send the money back to the borrower

Our solution is natively cross-chain! Safety for everyone.

Also deployed on Scroll and Polygon


Using the Magic of DeFi to expand NFT Financialization with safe liquidations, protecting the nft owners.

Source: natalia berger

nft lending sucks